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House Movers In Dubai

Thinking about moving your home or studio apartment, and looking for house movers in Dubai? You have arrived at the right place. At Tasmovers, we help you do the moving in UAE, especially in Dubai & Sharjah. We have the most professional team to handle the entire house moving process in the smoothest way possible.

When it comes to talking about temperature in the Emirates, It’s mostly hot. You can barely withstand moving in such weather conditions, especially during summers. But with Tasmovers, you can enjoy the pina colada or a cup of coffee and leave the moving process to us. We not only pack unpack and install your goods but also relocate them in a way that suits your budget as well as your needs.

House moving needs proper planning which should be done at least a week before the move date. If you do not want to shatter your schedule, you would go to the most professional house movers in Dubai. Luckily, you got us. We have the world-class experience to provide you carefree home and apartment moving. With Tasmovers, planning and then moving never goes in the wrong direction. We always make sure to do the moving while you relax doing your job or business.

For the move, we advise you to do the booking with us prior to your move date. We will do a free survey and give you the most reasonable quote. The cost of moving depends upon many factors including your needs. This is why it varies from project to project. Our relocation specialist arrives at your home to do a detailed survey of your goods. We calculate the weight, size, packing cost and any other charges related to your home or apartment moving. We suggest you help our relocation specialist so that he may have an accurate estimate.

During the booking and moving process, you will have only one point of contact, so there is no chance of miscommunication. After the confirmation from your end, we further proceed to let you know the move date. And as we told you, you enjoy doing what you do while we pack, unpack, install and move your home or apartment hassle-free.

If you want to pack and unpack your goods, you can do it. We will, however, deliver the packing material for you before the move date. The packing material we provide is of high quality and includes boxes, tapes, and other required stuff. We make sure you do not lose your stuff. Be it furniture or glass, we take intense care of your goods. We wrap and install all of your belongings with military-level precision.

During the whole process, you will have a dedicated move manager so you know everything related to it. In case you want us to pack, unpack and install, we will reach your home or studio apartment on the date and shift your goods on time. Our well-trained staff knows which goods should be packed first. It also knows how to load your goods in our truck and unload them in an efficient way.

After moving your home or apartment, we will check with you about the installation of your goods. We will disassemble and install them accordingly. We will make sure you are satisfied with every move of Tasmovers. Apartment moving has never been simpler and easier than now with us. We have decreased the cost of transportation to a minimal level. If you do the entire moving process by yourself, you will end up spending way extra dirhams than you might think. Because we have a long history of moving, we know how to cut your cost of moving drastically.

TASMOVERS provide insurance for your goods so that you have a carefree mind. We provide you with goods insurance at a reasonable premium. We also advise you to get your move-in and a move-out permit from the management in advance so there is no delay on the move day. It makes things quick and easy. Tasmovers will take care of everything on the move day so that you can enjoy your pina colada or a cup of coffee, your choice. We always strive to be one of the best House Movers in Dubai.


Whether you want to start moving or get more information about how it is done, feel free to contact us on +971-524713334 or fill the contact form here. Our customer care representative will contact you to kick-in the easy process of moving

Over the phone, we can only let you know an approximate estimation of the cost of moving. Actually, it varies depending upon many factors. We highly recommend you to let us do the survey to offer the most reasonable and detailed quote.

After the confirmation from your end, we can let you know the time to start the process after checking our booking schedule. However, we usually need 2 to 3 working days for that.

Absolutely. Tasmovers is not just your moving partner but the packing and installing partner as well. We pack your goods, transport, unpack and even install them in the most efficient way possible.

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